Buy your SDF 6 Class Punch PassBuy your SDF 6 Class Punch Pass

Advanced Hip Hop is taught at a very quick rate, with a focus on proficiency.  The advanced hip hop class is designed for those wanting to advance to a professional level or for those that can keep up with fast paced learning of choreography…


With new choreography taught at each class, you can be as committed as you want to be without falling behind like in a traditional dance school. We pack a lot of learning in with top notch choreographers and teachers into a one hour session. Often there are master teachers that come in from all over the world to teach a class throughout the month so follow us on social media to learn of any guest teachers.

This class comes with the expectation that fundamentals have already been mastered, but if you are unsure of your level, that’s ok! Come in and we will help you get placed with the right class and teacher.

Individual classes are $15 per class.

Online registration is not available for drop-in classes, but you can purchase a six visit punch pass online  for just $69.00.  Bring your proof of purchase to class to receive your pass.  If purchasing a single class only, just turn-up at our studio a few minutes earlier than the start of class to get registered.  Individual classes are $15 each.

*Punch cards expire 6 months from the date of purchase and are only available for use in our Advanced or Adult Hip Hop Classes. Other restrictions may apply.

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