We offer a series of classes that focus on the techniques of Hip Hop. These series run monthly and aligned with a typical school calendar year. These technique classes, also called tuition-based classes, are mastered after months of training at our Dance Academy.

Once the instructor has considered a technique as mastered for that class level, students will graduate to the next level. What makes our Hip Hop Dance Academy so exceptional is that not one class is ever the same. We find continuous ways to incorporate the latest moves and make the material as fresh as possible, yet one thing remains consistent, the techniques.

Our technique classes are as follows:


This class is an introductory class for kids ages 7-11. It is where a student starts if they haven’t taken any type of instructed dance before. If this is a student’s first class at our Dance Academy, this is where to start no matter the level they may be at. A great introduction to the style of Hip Hop, students will learn the basics and foundations of Hip Hop movement. The focus is on rhythm and musicality. The class is fun, energetic, and great exercise for your child.


This class carries over from the beginner class and allows the dancer to apply the foundations learned in their previous class to learn more complex combinations and longer choreography routines combining multiple techniques.


This class allows the student to improve their own style and self-expression while introducing even more complex and detailed combinations. Students will have mastered the skills in Beginner and Intromediate and will be prepared to focus on movement detail and choreography at a much faster pace becoming eligible for our competitive dance crew and other opportunities as the student becomes a Hip Hop diplomat in our community.

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