Girl’s Night Out with Sean Green

Girl’s Night Out is a chance for you and your girl squad to get away for a few hours and let loose, feel sexy, and have a great time.  Spend an hour socializing with your girls and enjoying some cocktails if desired, and after the fun begins when Sean teaches a sultry and fun dance routine for all levels of dancers including beginners.  Great for wedding parties, bachelorettes, birthdays, or for no occasion at all.

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What you will need:
  • A venue (examples include a neighborhood clubhouse, rooftop bar, country club, local fitness gym, school gymnasium).  Our dance studio located in downtown West Palm Beach is also available.
  • Champagne/Wine/Cocktail Hour Supplies if desired.
What we Provide:
  • The Talented Mr. Sean Green of course!
  • We can assist designing and sending out electronic communication and invitations about the event as well as managing the RSVP process
  • Support for registration process of all guests
  • Upon request, we can bring portable speakers should the venue not have a sound system
Pricing varies minimally based on location, number of people and add-on items such as a GNO tank top or t-shirt for guests.  Typically, the cost is $25 per participant with a minimum participant guarantee.  Please use the below form to check date availability (listing mulitple date in order of preference recommended).  Please indicate the estimated number of attendees as well as the possible location of venue.

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